SAT Study Timeline

27 Jul

For anyone who isn’t entirely sure where to start with studying for the SAT, how many problems to practice, or where to look for help, I’m currently creating a full-blown SAT Study Guide. It’s going to include:

  • day-to-day instruction on what topics to practice
  • homework assignments focusing on the lesson of the day
  • 2 week timeline for getting ready for the SAT

What’s more, this study timeline is going to be used in conjunction with my Critical Reading, Writing, and Math Guides. That doesn’t mean you have to purchase one or any of these guides to succeed on the test, but the timeline is going to follow the instruction I provide in these guides.

Speaking of the guides, I’m a little bit over halfway with my Critical Reading Guide. It’s already over 20 pages of information. It breaks down the Critical Reading Section into every possible type of question you might see on it, and includes practice questions, how-to videos, and homework assignments to boost your skills in each area. I’m hoping to have it released in no more than two weeks, which I think is pretty good timing for the October 6 SAT that’s creeping up. Keep checking in for it – there will be a special deal for it for those who buy it on its release date!

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