Blue Book Explanation Guides

30 Jul

I’m happy to announce a new project I’ve undertaken for SAT Study Guide. This one is a response to frustration that I experienced myself while studying for the SAT in high school. It’s also a problem that has come up for many of my students while practicing problems for the SAT.

If you’ve ever worked out of the CollegeBoard’s Official SAT Study Guide – or, the blue book – you have probably experienced this phenomenon. You complete a practice test, or a practice section, and you flip to the part that shows you the answers. You’re going along, happy to see that you’re getting a lot of them right, and then you come across one that you get wrong. You look at the problem again, and now you know what the answer is, so you think you should be able to figure out why that’s the right answer. 

Problem is, you can’t.

You might study that problem for 10 minutes or more, but you cannot for the life of you understand why the answer is what the blue book says it is. Maybe you even assume that they are giving you the wrong answer (they aren’t), or that it’s just a waste of time to keep trying to understand this one question (it isn’t). Either way, you eventually give up, and move on, and just chalk that problem up as something you might have to go without really understanding.

That’s where my new project comes in. Starting soon, I will be releasing Blue Book Explanation Guides for the second edition of the CollegeBoard’s Official SAT Study Guide.

Every problem, every section, every test.

Never again will you have to wonder why an answer is what the blue book says it is. Not only will these be a supplement to your practice of the SAT, I’m hoping that they will couple as instructional aides in helping you study for the SAT. My explanations will be clear and concise, and will go through each wrong answer to explain why it is wrong. For the math problems, I will show you the easiest way to work out that problem and reach the correct answer.

You’ll have no excuse for skipping a problem as something that you just aren’t going to be able to figure out. Lucky you, right?

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