What is SAT Study Guide?

This site offers a custom study guide to help you prepare for the SAT. It offers a range of options, in order to allow you to choose which method of study is most suited for you. All of these options have been created by me, and I know my stuff when it comes to the SAT.

How do I know you “know your stuff” with the SAT?

I’ve been teaching and tutoring on the SAT for over 5 years now. I’ve worked with students from just about every background imaginable, and have been able to see improvement with every one of them. I took the SAT twice in high school, receiving a perfect score on the Critical Reading section both times, a high score of 760 on the Writing section, and a score of 750 on the Math section. I currently work as a full-time teacher in Washington, DC, and do SAT prep as a side job. See the “Who Am I?” section for more information.

Ok, so what does this site offer?

A range of options for you to study for the SAT.  I write blog posts (sometimes in the form of videos) to offer free advice, so you’re welcome to check those out. In addition, I created a simple SAT Study Guide Timeline. That is a basic approach to how to study for the SAT, in case you’re unsure about what to study and when. That timeline relies on you completing homework from the CollegeBoard’s Official SAT Study Guide (or the blue book), and is available under “Get the Guides.”

I also supply Study Guides for each section of the SAT. I put a lot of hours into each one, and can honestly say that they are the culmination of my years of experience with teaching the SAT. You can choose to get one, two, or all three of these study guides. If you think you only need help with the Critical Reading, but you rock the Math and Writing Sections, just get my Critical Reading Guide! Or if you need some help with all three sections, get the “Ivy League” Package and start studying! You can choose whatever works for you.

Finally, I offer something that I think is pretty cool. I went through every practice test in the blue book (second edition), and provide explanations for every single question. When I was studying for the SAT and using the blue book, I appreciated them giving me the answers, but sometimes I had no clue why that was the answer. It got ridiculously frustrating for me. These Explanation Guides solve that problem for you.

Sounds cool, but how much is all this gonna cost me?

Well, it all depends on how much help you want, and what kind of help you want. I have a range of packages that I’m offering to you, and all the pricing details can be found under “Get the Guides.” Rememeber: you shouldn’t purchase anything until you feel that it’s right for you. The SAT is an important test, and, for better or worse, it can affect your future, so you need to make sure you are preparing in a way that you are comfortable with, and in a way that you think will be most beneficial to you. Look around at some of my posts and see if my free information is up your alley – if it is, maybe check out an Explanation Guide and see if those are helpful for you (single Explanation Guides are cheaper than the Study Guides – the first one only costs you $1). Spend as much or as little as you like.

One last note: I took a very expensive SAT test prep course. While I realized that it helped me, I left the class thinking that I could have gotten just as much improvement on my scores, and saved hundreds of dollars, if I had just known what approach to take on my own. This site is designed to allow you to figure out what approach you need to take, while costing far less than a full-blown course.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the Study Guide options?

The Study Guides are eBooks that I created myself. After you choose a package or 1, 2, or 3 study guides, you have it available at your disposal. I’d recommend using each Study Guide in conjunction with my Timeline – they sort of go hand in hand to offer the most effective approach, but you’re always welcome to deviate as you feel necessary.

Each Study Guide breaks down the section it covers into the types of questions which appear on the test. I get really specific, and I provide an overview for each type of question, as well as several examples of each type. In addition, I’ve included at least one video for each type of question in the Study Guide,  in case you learn better from seeing and hearing than you do from reading. Along the way, I offer homework advice in order to practice the strategies which I cover.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get results?

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee results through a website-based approach to the SAT. I’ve always seen improvement with my students when I work with them, but that’s partly because I can motivate them to complete my assignments since I see them in person. A lot of your success depends on how much effort you’ll put into your approach. 

While I can’t say that I will guarantee results or refund your money, I will offer this. If you are unhappy with your improvement, contact me and explain your situation. Be as specific as possible, and I will be happy to respond with any advice that I can offer.

Don’t sell yourself short with the SAT. It’s scary to think about how big of a difference a great score can make to your future. Start putting yourself on the right track, today.

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