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The first thing you need to realize about the SAT is that age-old rule that practice makes perfect. The more exposure you have to test questions, the more likely you will succeed come test day. This, of course, comes with a catch – you need to make sure that the practice that you are putting in is worthwhile. As my former trumpet teacher used to preach to me, “perfect practice makes perfect”.

That said, I would suggest that you take a practice exam or two, and score them in order to see where you are with your SAT knowledge. Tests are available through the College Board’s website (, but I would recommend that you buy a book of SAT tests. This way, you actually get the feel of taking a test (rather than doing one on a computer), and you’ll be able to easily score it. It’s important to time yourself, too!

After you’ve taken a couple of tests, you’ll probably be able to tell what section(s) you need to work on to improve your overall score. You may even be able to tell a specific category of one section which you struggle in (like the reading passages on the Critical Reading section, for instance).

Now, you’ll be able to start your practice – or, rather, your perfect practice. Click on the different sections of this site for specific strategies for each section of the test, or search the site for former entries about specific types of questions. I’m including videos for most every type of problem that I cover, as well, so check those out if you tend to be a more visual learner. Check back a couple of times every week for new posts about different types of problems, with examples and strategies for all of it.

If you want a more comprehensive guide, I’m currently developing manuals for each section of the SAT, with videos included. I’m hoping to have the first one (Critical Reading) out in a few weeks, so if you’d like a single document with all my advice and knowledge condensed into one place, keep checking in for that.

One last thing…I’d love any feedback from you. This site is meant to help you improve your score, so if you have a certain area that you want help in, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email to ask. I’d be more than happy to help!

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