Who Am I?

My name is Bryan, and I have a lot of experience with teaching all sorts of different things. I currently teach at a public school in Washington, DC – over the past two years I’ve taught several different math classes, a reading class, a writing class, as well as several resource rooms for students with special needs. Many of the students I’ve worked with have not been granted the same opportunities that I was when I was a kid. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these kids grow and learn in my classroom, and develop confidence in themselves.

I graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in United States History. Before that, I worked as an SAT instructor for a company in Southern California, and had a lot of success with my students there, too. I led everything from full classes on SAT strategies, small group instruction, as well as individualized one-on-one tutoring. I’m really good at understanding the SAT and even better at explaining things to my students. I love teaching  and enjoy seeing my students succeed, so I developed this website as a way to give myself a broader reach with delivering SAT instruction.

I believe that SAT instruction (and education in general)  should be equally accessible to students anywhere, from any background. The SAT company I worked for in SoCal was targeted for students from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds, and it made me realize that help on the SAT is often designed for students or families who can afford very expensive courses and manuals. This website runs counter to that idea. I’m offering general test-taking strategies, solutions for specific SAT questions, as well as everything you’ll need to master any section of the SAT…


So stop reading about me already! Click on the “Get Started” tab and take your first step toward SAT success!

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